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Robert Genn’s personally recommended online, disc and download tutorials and other learning opportunities.
"My sincere wish is you will find them useful."

Color Foundation for the Painter - A Complete Guide

Stephen Quiller

Eight hours (thirteen chapters) of progressive demo tutorials showing Quiller's celebrated colour systems and methodology. Using recommended pigments as related to the "Quiller Wheel", we see systems of color mixing, application as well as effects achieved. Stephen steps you thorough a range of color compositions using watercolour and other media and shows how to achieve various moods from similar subject matter. Stephen has a steady and particular style of presentation that leaves no tube unsqueezed.


Two disc set $99.95

You can learn more about this new course by going to his website here

“Into The Arctic II”

Cory Trepanier

Not a tutorial but a prize winning full-length movie showing this remarkable Canadian painter working in a variety of unexplored and magnificent northern environments. This is the best painterly exposure of the arctic I've seen to date. Hiking, boating, backpacking in difficult terrain, this film gives the true magic of rough, hard-won plein air. Makes you wonder what we're doing at home. Mosquitoes, yes, but that's not what makes you itchy.

Single disc (one hour 25 minutes)
DVD: $20.00, Digital downloads: $16.00

Website here

4 Workshops by Richard Robinson

Painting Workshops

Richard Robinson

This New Zealand painter has produced a series of friendly, easy to follow instructional videos that often include demos and critiques of the work of others. I recommend Richard's online workshops The Complete Artist. It's $20 per month to join in. Many painters have reported leaps in quality by taking advantage of Richard's deft interaction and accumulated knowledge.

Richard also has a range of well-produced video painting lessons. DVDs and downloads are available for drawing, colour, landscape and still life. Of use to many painters will be his Painting Workshops (4 landscape projects from photographs) which includes a bonus of 26 painting critiques. The Online Version (broadband required) is $35.00 or a DVD in the mail is $45.00. You can also get multiple Workshop videos in a discounted bundle. Richard is a successful painter who loves to share. I've followed Richard's remarkable career since he started painting in 2001.

To see the complete range of Richard's educational material, please go here

Create Your Own Art Website

Leah Markham

Professional website builder Leah Markham has created a 7-hour video that walks artists through an easy to follow step-by-step instruction showing how to:

» Set up your own website from start to finish in a system that is easy to use
» Engage with collectors through an email newsletter
» Accept payments online using PayPal or Google Checkout
» Crop, size and save quality photographs for your website & art show entries
» Set up and use Facebook/Twitter and how they can be used to reach more people
» Incorporate a blog into your website and how it can be used
» Choose the right keywords to use in your website so more people can find your artwork
» Track visits to your website and how that information can be helpful to you
» Link online tools together to save you time

  Instructional videos on how to create your own artist website

The cost is $99.00. I found it to be a no-frills, straight-up demonstration of hands-on information. There's a learning curve, but it's not daunting. For those who want to inexpensively become a player on the world art stage, Leah's selected and free tools are the best I've seen. The reason for an online tutorial video is the changing nature of technology, applications and software. Leah regularly updates the info so you stay ahead of the pack. You can learn more about the videos here

If you prefer to have a website set up for you, see here


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TWL Letters

Be witness to Robert Genn's abiding faith in the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Artists and you will be informed, inspired, and motivated. On first publication of this book November 27, 2009, Robert wrote: "It's my sincere wish that you get real and lasting value from it. It's your book, really, and I'd like to thank everyone in our Painter's Keys Community for the inspiration that makes these Twice-Weekly Letters happen."

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"Thank-you for your friendship." (Robert Genn)

The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letters, 960 pages--ten years of over a thousand unabridged letters including an 82 page index. Six by nine inches and more than two inches thick, this beautiful book is hardbound Red Cayenne with a separate dust-jacket, a red ribbon, and shipped in a custom protective book-box.

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