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Give your special friends a gift of the twice-weekly letter. They'll think of you for sure every Tuesday and Friday. There are no strings attached and it won't cost you or them a plugged nickel. We'll even send them a nice letter to let them know it's from you.

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Robert Genn books you will be eligible to receive free:

The Painter's Keys. Transcript of a two day seminar given by Robert Genn. Motivation, inspiration and thousands of practical tips from a highly successful professional painter. 160 pages, value: $18.00
(Five or more new subscriptions required)

Love Letters to Art. Richly illustrated coffee table book with sixty of Robertís letters adapted to show methods, techniques and creative philosophy--150 pages, 150 illustrations. Value $65.00
(Twenty or more new subscriptions required)

Note: Note: Your free book will be shipped immediately by post as soon as your new subscriptions are submitted. Please check with your friends to see that they are not already subscribers to the Twice-Weekly Letters. Submitted names and addresses of current subscribers will not count toward your free book. Please allow three weeks for delivery; two months for overseas from North America. Thanks.